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Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill Review and Description

Precor 9.33 Premium Series TreadmillDescription

Precor 9.33 treadmill brings to life elegant design and precision engineering. The natural feel of the treadmill is readily apparent to runners and walkers alike. With a variety of programs and multiple user ID’s, completely customizable workouts are easily created. Every design detail of the Precor 9.33 treadmill was carefully considered, resulting in a contemporary design that fits naturall
The 9.33 Premium Series treadmill from Precor brings the latest design and technical innovations to your home. Whether running or walking, the 9.33 treadmill provides an exceptionally smooth and fluid feel. An innovative design adjusts belt speed to foot speed–fully complementing and supporting your natural stride–while a unique suspension system cushions impact and stabilizes lateral movem


  • Professional-quality treadmill for the home with innovative design that adjusts belt speed to foot speed
  • Up to 12 MPH speed, 15 percent incline
  • 16 preset programs including 1-mile, 5k/10k courses, 1 heart rate, 2 custom, 1 manual, 3 run, 3 walk, 1 weight loss
  • Handheld heart rate monitoring with compatibility for wireless monitors
  • Lifetime warranty on frame, 10 year on parts, 1 year on labor

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This product was manufactured by Precor.

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3 thoughts on “Precor 9.33 Premium Series Treadmill

  1. I thought long and hard before I decided to spend the money on this treadmill. But I have not regretted it for one moment. This machine is fantastic. My previous treadmill was not an el-cheapo, it was a good quality mid-priced well-recommended machine at the time. But I have bad knees, and over time they have gotten worse. The cushioning on the treadmill was just not enough, plus I am a big guy, and all I could really do on it was walk. I could not jog or run.

    Enter the Precor 9.33 Premium treadmill. I tried this out in a store, and it was unbelievable to me that I could jog and run on it, and it automatically adjusted to my stride. The cushioning is outstanding. Not to mention all the other bells and whistles with the displays, etc. I was pretty much sold, but I still tried out several other higher priced treadmills before buying. I never found anything half as good, except for twice the price or more.

    I cannot recommend this treadmill highly enough. It is…

  2. When I shopped for exercise equipment, the owner of the company where I bought it told me if he could only have one machine, he would choose a elliptical. I bought one and a couple of weeks later went back to get this treadmill. The treadmill gets much more use in my home, although the elliptical is great, and is probably much easier on the legs, knees, and feet. It also seems like it takes more effort than the treadmill and so it gets ignored a lot. For example, I often spend 100 minutes on my treadmill, but only 10-20 minutes on the elliptical.

    I use a function that uses my heart rate to determine the incline and speed. Then I can turn my attention elsewhere. Recently I’ve been using the bicycle videos, Bike-o-Vison, which makes the exercise time just fly by! I’ve been doing one of the California Coast, which includes Big Sur, a favorite place of mine, so instead of biking through it, I’m on my treadmill. That’s a great motivating system for me. I can’t wait until…

  3. This is such a high quality treadmill. My joints never feel worn after running, and I feel like my calves have been getting an extra burn since switching to this machine. The cushioning on this feels amazing. I’d definitely recommend this for any runner, or for any walkers who are healing from injury.

    It’s also one of the few machines I feel comfortable storing my keys, water bottle, watch, etc on without having them fall off. The length on the running band is also a really nice length for long strides.

    It’s a very sturdy machine, great for speed walking even on the highest incline. I also love the fact that it displays calories on a seperate screen so I don’t have to keep switching between options.

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